Camp Believe

What Is Camp Believe?

Camp Believe is a week-long, Day or Overnight Camp that is very special and unique because it caters to Teens & Adults with Intellectual Impairments. Camp Believe is a Camp that provides a nurturing environment in which all Campers can become comfortable with those around them, pushing themselves beyond the daily boundaries to experience new, great adventures with their fellow campers. Whether you are a Camper who has never been away from home or a Counselor wanting to make a difference in someone else’s life, we guarantee this will be a life changing experience! If you are ready for an adventure, Camp Believe is ready for you!

How We Started

Camp Believe has been created because of a young man named Chris who had Down Syndrome. The Founders of Camp Believe, Jason & Bethany Rose met Chris through their youth group as teenagers. He had a profound impact on them. He taught them many lessons, one of which was his unconditional love towards others. They had the privilege of having a great relationship with him until he passed away almost 10 years later. This camp is a tribute to him and to so many others just like Chris that have impacted the world around them in such a powerful way.

Our Activities

  • Treasure Hunts
  • Art & Crafts
  • Dancing
  • Open Mic
  • Swimming
  • Nightly Praise & Worship
  • Guest Speakers
  • Movie Time
  • Obstacle Course
  • Professional Storyteller